PRBO Observer Tribute to Rich Stallcup

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During the years of 2005 and 2006 when I was living in California and working for PRBO Conservation Science (formally the Point Reyes Bird Observatory), I had the great privilege of getting to know and birding alongside Rich Stallcup, perhaps one of the greatest birders the State of California ever had. Rich was actually one of the co-founders of the bird observatory and helped shape it into what it is today. Unfortunately, Rich passed away during the end of 2012, and while my outings in the field with Rich were few during my two years out west, his impression lasts with me to this day as they certainly do for countless others.

In fact, it was the pelagic trip that Rich lead out of Bodega Bay, CA that produced my life Parkinson’s Petrel with the individual  bird we saw becoming the official North American 1st Record! He was just that kind of magical birder that produced those kinds of birds. This is something he had done countless times- a birder on a different level. But beyond those amazing moments afield which solidified him in the world of birding was something else, something even I can’t describe with just a few years of knowing him. I hope that the tribute linked below from PRBO Conservation Science can do what I can not, and can help inspire countless others that Rich has yes to touch.

Kenn Kaufman once described Rich as the Pirate of Point Pinos. Whever he is, we wish him calm seas with lots of birds.

PRBO Observer LINK.

Here are two photos taken during my time in CA showing Rich doing what he loved most- observing each and every bird because it was the first time he ever saw THAT bird, and educating new birders (always with a smile!).

Rich 2

Rich 1

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